AUTOREFUGE x ESTBLSHD - Features & Throwbacks

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AUTOREFUGE x ESTBLSHD - Features & Throwbacks

For sometime now AR & EST have been working together, most recently with a short feature video. This small feature gained so many positive responses from the local community and from friends overseas, as such this reignited our passions for feature cars, builds and showing off the talented individuals that have created some magnificent works of automotive excellence.

Since the Estblshd website is down for the foreseeable future we decided to dig back into the archive and show off some of the feature writings that were done by the Co-owner of AutoRefuge Daniel Novak, he has gone through his backups and found some fantastic features to re-share.

Expect to see throwbacks and features more and more as we continue to work together to show off the amazing vehicles Melbourne has to offer. Daniel will be giving abit more insight on each of the features put up and if you spot your feature please message us we would love to get back in touch and see whats changed since.

As always If you would like to be featured hit us up on Facebook!.

- AutoRefuge Team.


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