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I was always a fan of the EVO series, although never owning one i always thought that if given the chance i'd buy a 6.5 TME. When i saw the EVO X i was convinced that Mitsubishi peaked at the 6.5 TME there would be nothing better. I had been introduced to Chris and told i should really check out his EVO X. After seeing it, my mind was totally changed about them. Granted a lot of work was done but the framework was there for a very cool ride.- Daniel Novak  After 10 plus years of service, the Lancer Evolution is...

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What better way to start our throwback collaboration than by beginning with the very first feature i ever wrote for Estblshd way back in 2012! I remember first seeing this car at a Dyno day i had organised on behalf of JDMST. I was lucky enough to have a good chat with the owner at the time and it was also the same day when the owner of Estblshd, Reece asked me if i would like to join the team and write for them. Enjoy the throwback feature- Daniel Novak.   Beautiful In Blue - The Daily Driven R34 GTR V-Spec...

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