Throwback Feature #4: Simple Subtle and CCWs

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Throwback Feature #4: Simple Subtle and CCWs

I remember seeing this at Garage Cafe (our local hangout) and i was introduced to the owner this is how i met Ryan, he used to bump into each other over the next few years almost always at Garage Cafe and became friends. So when i had the opportunity to feature his car i had to make it happen. Was hands down my favorite WRX for the longest time.  
- Daniel Novak

Simple Subtle and CCWs.

With a diversity of cars on the road these days it has become a challenge to maintain originality and advance amongst the automotive scene gurus. With several various groups including: JDM, Euro, Muscle, etc., which have given rise to branching sub-cultures, it is demanding to beckon a niche that suits you and your individual taste. Car builds tend to be influenced by current and past movements at some point, which in turn is subjected to our preferences. The old cliché is true, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – and with that in mind, we at Estblshd present to you this Subaru which is easily overlooked. We are delighted to exhibit Ryan and his slammed WRX.

Pertaining to the discussion with Ryan in regards to the WRX’s body, two words stuck at the back of my mind – Simple, and subtle. For many in our community including Ryan, it is easier to clear a defect when your car is fitted than it is to clear a defect when you have undertaken a massive engine build and require the removal of many performance modifications you have had previously fitted. More often than not it is also followed with a trip to the mechanics to get a RWC and on to your Vic Roads/RTA to get ticket off. So this instance to avoid the boys (and girls) in blue, power was not what Ryan was seeking. Instead, comfort and style was all that was needed to keep him happy with his car. After all, this is his daily drive and he does not hold back when it comes to cruising in and around Melbourne.

Ryan is pedantic for quality and trusts in the saying “You get what you pay for”. Being a daily driven car exposed to the gaudy roads that Melbourne greets us with daily, Ryan was only interested in the highest quality wheels available, but also something that would be different, something that would set his car apart from the crowd. With that in mind, a set of CCW LM20 series wheels in 18×10 +30 all ‘round were ordered and fitted with Altenzzo 235/40 rubber.

BC coilovers soon followed and were adjusted to give Ryan an absolutely fat fitment for a daily driven car. Although the car is slammed, owner Ryan wishes he could go just that little bit lower. With the fitment craze expanding across the world over the last few years, you can see where he has gotten most of his influence from. It would seem that he found his niche and it suits him quite well.

However, the mods don’t stop there… More was needed to make this Rexy something worthy of a second look to which the exterior was given a once over. Weather shields were fitted for some extra curves, followed up with a genuine STi lip kit that adds that little bit more to the body lines, SPT carbon fiber eye lids, pillar trims and boot lid trim to round out the subtle look of this car. All of this shows that the “less is more” approach definitely adds a classic charm which encapsulates the eyes of on lookers, most times even for a second look.

But what is a WRX without that wild growl and rumble we have all come to know and love? Again, simple yet effective choices were made. As the owner wasn’t chasing a big HP figure, little additions were made to help free up some HP and give the Rex a nice note. A Takeda Cold Air Intake with SPT heat shield were fitted to the engine to help it breathe that little bit easier, followed by a quad tipped Invidia exhaust with the addition of using burnt tips instead of a chrome or matte silver tip, giving its aesthetic factor a boost.

Although it may not be what most would call an extensively modified car, who is to say that it has to be! This is proof of the fact that big bucks don’t have to be splurged in order to attain an awe-inspiring finish for your car. In a scene plagued by the Real V Fake & Form V Function debates, Ryan shows us just what is able to be achieved when you set your goals and budget to a reasonable and achievable level, making the most of what you have to work with. As with any project, time and patience will work wonders, and with the abundance of magazines, websites and forums with build threads from all over the world, there is no shortage of ideas to take across and use on your own build.


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