Throwback Feature #5: Street Demon

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Throwback Feature #5: Street Demon

I was always a fan of the EVO series, although never owning one i always thought that if given the chance i'd buy a 6.5 TME. When i saw the EVO X i was convinced that Mitsubishi peaked at the 6.5 TME there would be nothing better. I had been introduced to Chris and told i should really check out his EVO X. After seeing it, my mind was totally changed about them. Granted a lot of work was done but the framework was there for a very cool ride.
Daniel Novak 

After 10 plus years of service, the Lancer Evolution is now in its final incarnation with the latest and last “real” model being the Evo X. I say real because the next model looks like it will be heading down the hybrid path to meet emission requirements. So with its legacy at an end, it would be remiss of the ESTBLSHD team not to head out to the streets and capture one to feature, and we were not disappointed with what we found.

We are very happy to introduce Chris’ EVO X.

Photography: Nathan Cheung - Downfall Photography 

How familiar does this story sound to you? “It was stock, this lasted 3 days…” A story most of us in the modified scene are all too familiar with. “I bought this car from a dealership back in April 2011, I was in for a routine service for my other car and I saw this EVO X parked in front of the dealership. So while waiting for my service, I went and had a quick look and I quickly fell in love with its colour. That was it, I decided on the spot to purchase it.” The love for the car initially ended as quickly as it began. “I hated having it stock – It was slow and UGLY, in my opinion for a legendary Japanese car, they didn’t bring their A-Game with the EVO X.” This was sorted out as the parts started rolling in. 

“First, I ordered a Turbo Smart Dual Port BOV. It was missing something, that something was the PSSHH sound, it just didn’t seem right not having it,” Chris says jokingly. Following this purchase, a TR1 Titanium Exhaust was ordered together with ROTA wheels. “These were my first mods, hence the stupid purchase of ROTA wheels. I immediately regretted that decision and have since gone through a few sets of wheels looking for the perfect fit – Volks TE37SL, Works Kiwami Bronze, AME Tracers AM02…” Currently, the EVO is sitting on Enkei RS05RR in 18×10.5 +15 with a 25mm bolt on spacer to fill out the guards of the widebody set up. When on the track, they sport Yokohama AD08s 295/35s and while crusing the streets, Falken 452′s.

In late 2012, with the EVO sporting some shoes worthy of it and sounding formidable, a tune was next on the cards. Chris took it for a mild tune which netted him 224kw at all four, not bad for a mild tune. “I remember being so stoked because all of sudden it felt as if the car had liposuction, it had so much torque and even had more of a beastly note on acceleration, I was in love again!” The EVO remained like this until Chris began to have clutch issues. “I went through 3 warranty claims, and each time they replaced my clutch with the upgraded version they had at the time. It was an annoying period of ownership to say the least.” But this wasn’t going to deter Chris from modifying the car, so the body started to receive some additions.  “I was fortunate enough to get a few parts from ZERO Automotive at the time, the showpony carbon all came from them and it was used as a SHOW/DEMO car for them for a while which was a bit of fun.” 


Then, things got a little bit more serious under the hood, Chris explains. “My friend Damian, who has a garage of cars to die for also owned an EVO X at the same time. He, however, had decided to sell his Bathurst Edition EVO and started parting out, I gladly inherited most of its performance parts.”

Chris purchased the CBRD BBK LITE Turbo, FIC 1000cc Injectors, DW65C Fuel Pump, and with these parts, they came with lots of encouragement from his friends to do more. So to make use of all these parts, Chris once again went shopping and upgraded in a big way. A 4” ETS Intercooler kit, Upgraded Radiator Hoses, Tomei Titanium Exhaust, TurboXS Wide-mouth Dump Pipe and an AMS Test Pipe were purchased. Once they arrived, they were all quickly fitted and it was time to get it tuned once again as the car was now e85 ready. “With the help of Dan and the team at RTR, I finally got my dual tune done (has since been worked on by Adam Wade from Beeble Tooning). The power delivery was amazing! That’s the only way to describe it.” The car now punches out around 300-305kw at all four on e85, and 253kw at the wheels on 98, amazing is one way of describing it. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing with Chris’ clutch giving way for the 4th time! “Frustrating is the nicest way to describe It.” said Chris. We dared not probe the clutch issue any further.

More changes to the car followed at the start of 2014, more were added in the looks department, most noticeably, the Devil Inspired Xenon headlights custom made in the USA. An APR GT300 wing was added for Christmas. All of this has transformed the EVO to look that much more sinister. What was an already aggressive setup has gone into insane territory with the addition 35mm at each corner thanks to Ronnie and the team at Carbon Plus, an inspired Varis Widebody kit was put on, complete with a carbon bonnet. AND it just looks stunning now!

Believe it or not, this EVO is daily driven and besides the numerous clutch issues, Chris has few complaints. “The biggest downside, well it does drink a lot of fuel, gearbox is clunky at low speed, but that is part of the modified lifestyle. You overlook the minor issues to be happy with the majority of the car. It also turns a lot of heads and you can’t help to think that someone will want to vandalize it, thankfully – touch wood – nothing has happened. BUT the biggest upside is it’s a pleasure to drive in rain, hail or shine. It’s just a shame that there aren’t as many nice roads to fully enjoy it. Oh another upside is it shoots flames. So beware, don’t tailgate me.” Just because Chris can’t fully enjoy his car on the road as he wants to, he does get his enjoyment from it in other ways. “I enjoy the car scene in Melbourne and I always try my best to support my fellow enthusiasts, so I try to go to meets as often as possible. I am also a part of a small car crew called Melbourne Stance, we are a mix of Japanese and Exotics, so catching up with those guys is enjoyable too.”

Chris had also just entered the EVO X into October’s Australian Modball Rally with three of his great friends, so it is promising to be EPIC! Together with another 124 exotics, they will drive from Sydney to Warrnambool, have track days at Philip Island, and party for a week! Can it really get any better? Chris said that this will be the last big event for the car before he thinks of selling it. Right now, he is just enjoying it, and with a flame spitting Demon Eyed EVO X, I think you would be hard pressed not to enjoy driving this daily too.

From Chris : I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my parents for letting me live my life the way I do! ( MY mother hates my driving! ‘She goes, CHRIS!! Enough now! To all the filos out there imagine my cute mother saying that in our accent haha!!! J  I am a spoilt rotten, but I do work hard to play hard and to be able to enjoy the things I have. Thank you to all the sponsors and to everyone that has given interest towards my car. This is truly a Melbourne owned, Tasmania Registered, Filipino riced and loved and most of all a car that has brought so many people together.  THANK YOU!!!


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