Throwback Feature #6: The V12 Killer

Throwback Feature #6: The V12 Killer

A very well known car in the Melbourne car scene, Steve's car always draws a crowd, especially when it comes to dyno days as his Supra always pumps out big numbers. What i can never get over is just how unbelievably clean this car is, sure there are plenty of clean Supra's going around but this one always has my attention. Just recently I've seen that Steve is making some big changes to his engine so don't be surprised if an AR Feature happens down the road
 Daniel Novak 

V12 Killer, that’s quite the statement. Whenever you see custom tags on a car, the usual response is mostly dismissive. But every so often a car comes along that makes you re-question your initial assumption. At times the hint is subtle while at other times its in your face. ESTBLSHD have been following this car for sometime now, ever since the 2014 ESTBLSHD Dyno Day when Steven blew the competition away taking the crown with over 500kw at the wheels. At this point, we just knew that we had to feature his ride.

Over the course of Steven’s 10 year ownership, various modifications have been made. The most obvious, of course, is the Genuine TRD 3000GT Widebody kit that has been attached and with the guards being widened 18cm on the rear, it certainly does draw attention. Of course, a wide body kit is wasted if the correct wheel, size and offset are not chosen to make proper use of it.

As you can see Steven has made an excellent choice by using something that not only looks great but is also not often seen on cars in the Victorian scene. These Enkei ABC Exclusive wheels with 18×11 +25 on the front and massive 18×13 -4 on the rear. They are simply amazing looking and more so very functional as the front run a 285/30 and the rears 315/30 – that’s practically supercar specs. Sitting behind these masses of metal are 6pot Greddy calipers on the front and standard 2pot rears while Project Mu braking components are used all round.

But looks aren’t everything as this car is in no way ‘all show and no go.’ When your ride is called V12 Killer people expect an engine and performance worthy of such a claim. Just look at this engine bay it screams power and with the engine churning out 540kw at the wheels on E85, it demands respect. The modifications under this bonnet are as impressive as those on the outside.

The engine having been rebuilt to support such power, has a shopping list of quality parts fitted – HKS, Greddy, CP Pistons and ACL Bearings, just to name a few and that’s even before your gaze moves to the twin GT2871R turbos running 26psi(!) or the fuel system made up of 2200cc injectors fed buy a Titan twin entry fuel rail. All of this combined with plenty of custom work, blood, sweat and tears thrown in for good measure, what more can we say – the results speak for themselves.

It is easy to get caught up in the looks and performance of any car, but you spend the majority of your time behind the wheel. With that in mind, how many kms would you think this supra has? A conservative guess for a 1995 model would have this at around the 120,000 – 140,000 mark. Not Steven’s, this meticulous example has a mileage of only 45,000kms. Many of you will scoff but these are all genuine kilometers. Steven tells us that besides a wash this car has never once seen one drop of rain in his 10 years of ownership.

The interior is very restrained when you compare it to the rest of the car. With the Factory Recaro seats retained, a Momo steering wheel on a quick release and a set of Defi gauges thrown in to keep an eye on the heath within, while it is easy to argue that it is very underwhelming. However, we prefer to see it as – nothing extra that is not required, all functional. We love that.

As you can see V12 Killer is Form and function in one package and certainly can back up its moniker.

Steven would like to send out a special thanks out too the following people and business’

- Luch Joveski TuneAgent

- Trent and Cat From Chequered Tuning for putting some hard hours.

- Danny at JAK Motorworks


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