Bonnet Vented - Suit NB

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This hood replaces the OEM aluminium hood. Made with high quality carbon fiber, the CFRP hood weighs around 7 KG (14.2 Pounds) against 9 Kg (19.5 Pounds) for the OEM one. The structure is made with fiberglass for maximum strength. The vents are in the perfect location to extract the hot air from the engine bay.

If you are serious about saving weight, the full carbon fiber hood is for you: it weighs only 4 kg!

The hood is also available in fiberglass material.

Specs: 3K weaving. CF + UV resistant varnish, gloss clear coat paint (made using vacuum BAGGING process)

Easy to install:perfect fitment using factory mounts. 4 screws and the latch (integrated in the hood) in the exact same locations as the OEM one.

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