Exterior Cleaning Jaffa - General Purpose

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Final Inspection: Jaffa - General Purpose

Jaffa Citrus Degreaser™ delivers fast and perfect results whilst extra safe on all exterior materials 

Jaffa is a citrus-based, high foaming and long dwelling general purpose degreaser/cleaner for removing bugs and general dirt and grime from exterior surfaces as well as wheel arches, engine bays and wheels themselves.

Clean tyre treads for shows for the new tyre look.  Clean tyre sidewalls to remove old dressing and allow new dressing to pentrate, reducing slinging.

Directions of use

1. For best results, spray a few pumps of Jaffa™ onto an area of a wet vehicle such as front bumper bar to remove bugs
2. Allow product to dwell but not dry, never allow Jaffa to dry.  Agitate if necessary.
3. Rinse (high pressure recommended) to remove debris such as bugs and wash vehicle as usual.