Rear Diffuser Garage Kagotani Style - Suit NA/NB and RX-7 FD

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This lightweight carbon fiber diffuser for RX-7 FD creates a low pressure area under the car, essentially sucking it towards the ground. This allows the car to travel faster through corners. The pictures are of the diffuser fitted on a RX7 and in carbon fibre material.

This is also able to fit to NA / NB MX-5 and many other models of similar size, but may require slight modification.


– 3K Carbon Fibre 1×1 twill (Made in Japan)

– 240g+450g Carbon Fibre/Carbon Kevlar manufactured using vacuum bag process

– 45 degree weaving

– Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection

– Fittings supplied

This item is considered as bulky so it might take more time to be delivered to you.

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