Paint Correction (Polishing) Lucian

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Final Inspection: Lucian

Invented by Final Inspection, Lucian is the world's first real-time diagnostic device for any polisher with an M8 thread.

Attaching to the Velvet Revolver and most rotary polishers including the Makita 9227CB as well as most dual action polishers, Lucian sits approximately one inch away from the surface and stays in the same place all the time so you can always see you surface imperfections.

You'll know when to stop polishing immediately, you'll never have to strain your neck looking for the reflection of a fixed light source, you'll never have to wear a bulky, expensive headset like a coal miner.

Lucian is adjustable, simply grab the light and point it to where you want your light source, very helpful for polishing a high panel such as a roof or a very low panel like a bumper.