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Final Inspection: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Spray Wax

Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax is the super-hydrophobic, oleophobic, nano-polymer sealant that inhibits 99% of UV rays from penetrating the coating for it's life that you have been searching for.
One of very few sealants, Full Metal Jacket™ is named as such for its unique ability to adhere well to, and protect very well, all exterior surfaces of the vehicle to which it is applied.
No other sealant available feels, looks and protects quite like a Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax layer.

Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax may be used as a stand alone sealant and your only form of paint protection or as a maintenance spray for your Full Metal Jacket™ Paint Protection layer. Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax is the easy-to-use version of the famous Full Metal Jacket™ Paint Protection.

Full Metal Jacket™ is used in all sectors of the transport industry, for aviation purposes, for interstate trucks and for limousines, but Full Metal Jacket™ is also used to protect surfaces such as splash backs, solar panels, bench tops and more for its ability to provide easy-cleaning and self cleaning characteristics.

Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax applicable to the following materials
- Matte and Satin paint finishes
- Gloss, matte and satin vinyl wrap / PU stone chip protection films
- Chrome / Electroplate safe
- Glass including Tint
- Polycarbonate (headlights) and Acrylic (tail lights)


Directions of Use
There are two methods for application of Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax.  The first yields a thicker layer, the second is faster, easier and requires less product and material.  Final Inspection recommend to apply the first layer with the first method and the second and subsequent layers with the second method as maintenance of your sacrificial protection layer.  If you are maintaining a Full Metal Jacket Paint Protection coating, we recommend only the second method as maintenance.

Method 1

1. Shake bottle well.  Also apply to clean and dry surfaces.

2. Spray 3-6 pumps of Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax onto a NanoFibre Paintwork Applicator and apply to paint, glass or chrome.  Allow 2 minutes to bond, then begin to remove with a NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth, turning cloth regularly until a high gloss is achieved.

3. All surfaces should feel significantly slicker and appear glossier after application.  Allow 72 hours before next application.

Method 2

1. Shake bottle well.  Also apply to clean and dry surfaces.

2. Spray Full Metal Jacket directly onto paint, glass or chrome and immediately begin to spread and remove with a NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth, turning cloth regularly until a high gloss is achieved.

3. All surfaces should feel significantly slicker and appear glossier after application.  Allow 72 hours before next application.


Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax does not require a high skill level and whilst correct application of any sealant is important, applying Full Metal Jacket™ Spray Wax correctly is very easy to achieve.

One layer of Full Metal Jacket will typically last 2-3 months, multiple layers (3 or more) applied 1 week apart will yield upto 1 year of protection.

Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax is Matt Paint Safe and will not adjust sheen on matt or satin surfaces when used correctly.

Full Metal Jacket exhibits excellent coverage. Only a tiny amount of Full Metal Jacket is required to consistently cover even large vehicles. Typically, only 25ml of Full Metal Jacket will be required to cover a standard sized vehicle.




Full Metal Jacket is a professional product, it is a very high quality product that can be applied by anyone in three simple steps, but it does have professional application characteristics.

Final Inspection detailers HIGHLY recommend you carefully read and understand the directions at least once before application.


Wear the gloves provided in the kit anytime you are applying the product or handling the cloths you have used for the coating.  The solvent in the product is agressive and can cause irritation to skin.  Always use any car care product chemicals in an environment with adequate vetillation.



Full Metal Jacket is a professional product, the product is of a very high quality and as such the skill level required for application is low.

However, as a professional product, careful attention and respect for the application directions are absolutely necessary.  Full Metal Jacket cures, literally, as hard as concrete, so removal of incorrect application is difficult and labour intensive.

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to apply Full Metal Jacket to a clean car.  It is also HIGHLY recommended to decontaminate paint prior to Full Metal Jacket to allow for better adhesion, a cleanse with Paint Cleanse is highly recommended.  Paint Cleanse removes oils that will hinder the adhesion of Full Metal Jacket to the Paint Surface. Do not use Cleanse or any other Decontamination products & methods when layering Full Metal Jacket to maintain the coating, Paint Cleanse will strip the coating so it is only used to prepare for the coating, not to maintain it.

Always use Paint Cleanse with Clean NanoFibre Paintwork Cloths only.

Step 1

Add about 5ml (10-12 drops) of Full Metal Jacket to a NanoFibre Hand Pocket Applicator.  This amount will only be require the first section, it is the amount required to prime the applicator.

Apply to each area with straight back & forth motions, slightly overlapping each stroke for complete coverage.

Thinner layers are better so you may want to vary the amount of product you are applying to the applicator, but not too thin, even coverage is vital. Apply Full Metal Jacket to ony one small section at a time, we recommend a maximum area of about 1 x 1 foot, break large panels, such as bonnets and roofs into three to four smaller sections.  DO NOT APPLY FULL METAL JACKET TO THE ENTIRE VEHICLE.

Full Metal Jacket has an instant bond, so removal of the excess is required instantly, DO NOT ALLOW THE COATING TO DRY.

There is no need to agitate the product on the surface, no circular motions are necessary as the coating does not have any polishing characteristics.


Step 2

After applying, remove the excess IMMEDIATELY with a Dry Nanofibre Paintwork Cloth.

Turn the cloth over frequently and buff the surface until you are absolutely sure all excess is removed.  You cannot accidently remove all the coating, so don't worry about over-buffing.  It is vital to remove all the excess to avoid any smearing, approxamately 1um of the coating transfers and bonds instantly and cannot be removed with dry buffing, this is the layer of polymers you are attempting to tranfer, your sacrificial layer of protection.

Step 3

Repeat the process in step 1 and 2 until all Paintwork is treated, remember to work only small sections at any one time, do not try to rush the application by working large areas HOWEVER, re-applyonly 1-2ml (2-4 drops) of FMJ to the applicator this time and from now on.

In some conditions and after 1/2 hour curing, smearing or hazing may be present, Remove the smearing with a clean damp Microfibre Paintwork Cloth followed by a Dry Paintwork Cloth. Do not use a previously used cloth as the loading of excess product in the cloth can reapply some Full Metal Jacket and cause smearing.



Full Metal Jacket has incredible Washing Characteristics. FMJ is super-hydrophobic with high surface tension and this will be visually demonstrated very clearly during maintenance of the vehicle. When these characteristics are not as prominent, it is time to re-apply protection. With normal use of the vehicle (20,000km per year), Full Metal Jacket should exhibit its protective characteristics for a minimum of 1 year and up to 5 years depending on your washing regime, type of use and maintenance with a layering sealant such as Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax.

Full Metal Jacket beads water extremely well. The beads of water quickly join on the slightest panel angle or with light wind to form larger beads that use their weight to move off the hydrophobic surface. Beads become less perky towards the end of the Full Metal Jacket life and signal the end of the Full Metal Jacket ’s protective properties. Full Metal Jacket is Ultra Slick, especially when rejuvenated with FMJ Spray Wax. Spray Wax maintains your Full Metal Jacket layer better than any other product and better than waxes as it contains small amounts of the high quality polymers that bond to the Full Metal Jacket layer.

Full Metal Jacket provides a sacrificial layer above your clear coat to block & absorb damage from weathering. Full Metal Jacket is usually 1 micron thick when applied correctly. The layer resists abrasion however aggressive (incorrect) maintenance (washing) will still mark your painted surface. If the layer is damaged by aggressive chemicals such as those in bird droppings, it will need to be replaced, but Full Metal Jacket will either prevent or greatly reduce the damage that the chemicals in bird droppings will cause to your paint as a result of contact with the surface. Full Metal Jacket has been lab tested and protects very well against UV. This will almost completely prevent paintwork coated with Full Metal Jacket against oxidising. White cars don’t turn chalky and Red cars don’t turn pink!

One coat of Full Metal Jacket typically provides for 18-24 months of protection depending on how the vehicle is used and maintained. Durability can be increased by layering Full Metal Jacket with Spray Wax(after the curing period). The longevity of the layer of Full Metal Jacket depends on many factors, 2 Major factors are: Washing with pH neutral soaps are HIGHLY recommended, this reduces aggressive deterioration of the protective layer of polymer Full Metal Jacket. Garaging, reducing weathering will increase Full Metal Jacket life and reduce washing intervals.

You MUST make sure you carry out the application with ALL the safety measures we've outlined as Full Metal Jacket is a chemical and your safety is of the upmost importance. Professionals can become complacent with the materials they use and we want to remind you that you are using Chemicals and Safety & Care when using these products must always be your highest priority.

Bonding Time is the time a Full Metal Jacket requires to adhere to a surface before you can remove the excess product by buffing. Full Metal Jacket version 4 now requires zero bonding time. You must remove the excess instantly.

Curing is the time Full Metal Jacket must be allowed to rest to gather full strength. During the Curing Time do not wash or apply waxes to the coating.
Full Metal Jacket has a Curing Time of 72 hours although 7 days is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. After curing DO NOT use Cleansers, Clay or any other Decontamination products & methods as they will remove some or all of your FMJ layer of protection. Do not layer Full Metal Jacket with itself, Full Metal Jacket does not layer over itself efficiently, the solvents in FMJ remove most of itself so it doesn't build layers well, it is unecessary, but reapplication every 2-5 years, is.
The best way to build layers is to use Full Metal Jacket Spray Wax for maintenance. You can layer Full Metal Jacket with a Pure Wax. Pure Waxes are waxes containing no solvents to clean surfaces as they are applied. Solvents in waxes 'clean away' any underlying waxes or Full Metal Jacket, so aren't useful for layering. Dedicated or Pure Waxes & Full Metal Jacket are the only types of Waxes & Full Metal Jacket recommended for use.

Enjoy easier maintenance of your painted surface with your Full Metal Jacket Paint Protection!