Paint Protection Gloss Boost

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Final Inspection: Gloss Boost

Gloss Boost™ is the world's best after-wash gloss enhancer, very quickly and very easily boosting the gloss and reflectivity of any high gloss surface such as paintwork, glass or chrome.

Gloss Boost™ is safe on all exterior surfaces including uncoated plastics
Gloss Boost™ also provides lubrication for safer removal of very light debris such as dust and fingerprints.

Gloss Boost™ has 1% nano-polymers for a small amount of protection.

Also fantastic on interior surfaces such as glossy interior trim, transparent plastics such as instrument cluster covers and TV/Navigation screens, headlights, tail lights -anything that isn't leather, plastic, fabric or vinyl.


Directions of use
For best results;

1. Apply Gloss Boost™ to a clean and dry vehicle.

2. Spray a few pumps* of Gloss Boost™ onto a clean and dry NanoFibre Paintwork Cloth™.

3. Working one panel at a time, wipe any paint, glass and chrome turning cloth until a high gloss is achieved.

A much more elaborate explanation of the recommended Final Inspection process and alternatives are available by clicking here.